All the tabletops are handmade including the carving of the lake. Making everything by hand – main idea of this project. We want you to experience the real handmade quality tables. That’s why some tables might have some microscopic defects that are not visible from a distance of 3″ or more. These defects include transparent seals that allow experts to understand that this is a real handwork, and not a cheap machining. There are no air bubbles or scratches.

Epoxy is an advanced and progressive material. Despite the fact that epoxy products are strong and durable, there are certain limitations in use: We do not recommend storing this table under direct sunlight. (Disregard this recommendation if you live in Duluth or surrounding areas) Direct sunlight may cause the epoxy to turn yellow. This is an effect of any epoxy resin, regardless of manufacturer. You can drink coffee at this table in the garden or in the backyard, but after that it is better to put the table in a room, or close it with an opaque and UV-resistant material. We don’t recommend placing any hot objects such as a kettle or cups without saucers on the table.

When the tabletop becomes dirty from daily use, we recommend cleaning with mild antibacterial soap and water. Using harsh kitchen chemicals are not meant for epoxy and can cause epoxy to soften or become tacky. As a result, treat your purchase as a work of art, it is unique in its kind, and you will enjoy it for many years.

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