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Design your table from a variety of options and customize it with your choice of the lake and color.

We build your table from scratch. Everything gets done by hand, even the engravement of the lake.

As soon as we finish the table, we ship it to you. See our shipping policy.

Quality that withstands years
We make sure that each table is perfectly leveled up by adding additional support underneath the tabletop. This technique makes our tables extremely durable, which separates us from most of the table manufactures.

Lake Superior is truly a sight to behold. Even calling it a “Lake” seems like an underreaction to its power and majesty. Lake Superior is 406 meters deep, almost 32,000 square miles, and around 2900 cubic miles. It is a massive testament to the beauty of nature. Because of this, we were inspired to create simple, elegant furniture that speaks to the timeless beauty of the lake. With each custom built table, we intricately detail not only the elegant tabletop, but the supports, finish, and legs as well. Each step of our unique process is put in motion the moment an order is placed. It is our honor to ensure each piece of furniture is beautiful, custom, and lasting. Buy one today, and feel our powerful design difference!

The Altwood Company is dedicated to not only creating quality products built to last, but also to create a lasting, powerful testament to the majestic Lake Superior. With a durable yet elegant design, Altwood tables exude class, perfection, and the beauty of the North Shore that is perfect for every house. With special options available to fit the furniture needs of any house and home, an Altwood Company table is the ultimate choice in custom design and timeless furniture. Each order is meticulously designed to be gorgeous, stable, and durable for years to come.

We know that furniture shopping can be an absolute headache. Because of this we have streamlined our process to make it easy, fast, and effective. Simply choose your lake, tabletop color and wood, and legs, and we’ll handle the rest! We start working on each order the moment they are placed, and make sure that each component is just the way you want it. Why wander aimlessly around a generic retailer in hopes of finding a good table, when you can simply buy in style, and know that your purchase is designed by you, built to last, and looks absolutely gorgeous in your house, all at the same time! That’s our Altwood Advantage.

Each table from the Altwood Company is hand-crafted with an impeccable attention to detail. Each order is created with quality in mind, and the table’s custom design ensures a sturdy, steady, and flat table, everytime. Say goodbye to tables that rock, tilt, and become headaches. When you buy a table from the Altwood Company you are guaranteed an impactful and positive experience. With each custom Altwood Company design, the table will sit sturdily and powerfully, adding a uniquely brilliant pop to any house.With the unbeatable combination of quality wood, epoxy, and craftsmanship, Altwood Company furniture is lasting, powerful, and a designing marvel.

The short answer is, we know what we’re doing. Every table in our catalog is there for one reason alone; we do it really well. A slightly longer answer is, regardless of what lakes you love, from the Mighty Superior, to a small lake your childhood cabin was on, we can make it beautiful and memorable. As functional as furniture is, it is also supposed to tell a story. Many furniture companies sell basic designs that will look out of place within years, or fall apart before they even reach a year. With each order of an Altwood Company piece of furniture, years of experience, design, and a drive for perfection help us create your perfect design. An Altwood Company table is an excellent buy for so many reasons, but to name a few, we’re experienced, reliable, and detail-oriented. And when you’re designing the interior of your house, details are the name of the game.

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