My name is Alex Afanasiev. Long story short, I am from Ukraine. I play hockey all my life and left my home town at the age of 15 to travel and play hockey. I have lived in a total of 6 cities in the past 9 years: Kiev(Ukraine), Kharkiv(Ukraine), Phoenix, Boston, Atlanta and Duluth! I got a scholarship to study at the College of Saint Scholastica! And I want to say in all seriousness that my life has changed since I moved to Duluth. I fell in love with the city, the people and the spirit of the lake. I never considered myself an artistic person before coming to Duluth, but honestly I feel like living in Duluth has changed that and it gave me an intention to create art.

After my recent graduation, I moved to Atlanta because my parents live here. With the help of my father, we started creating unique tables with epoxy Lake Superior. We started making the tables for our friends and family only but started receiving compliments and encouragements to start making them for clients. That is what pushed us towards starting the Altwood Company. We hope you enjoy the tables as much as we enjoy making them for you.

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