Coffee tables

On this page you will find some examples of our coffee tables. Each of them has a unique styling.
Now I will present you with options of your choice.

1. River epoxy tables. Beautiful colorful epoxy river in the bends of the banks of live edge slab.

2. Lake epoxy tables. You can see it here. Take a closer look and you will recognize the outline Lake
Tahoe, Lake Superior, Big Cedar Lake, Lake Oconee in its exact proportions. I made it for our
customers from California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Georgia.
Each lake at the live edge slab is handmade.
I can make an epoxy lake table of your choice, especially for you.

3. Non-epoxy tables with noble matte finish, with unique open shelf.

We offer unique solutions in the design of several types of tabletops, various furniture, you can see it at
our web pages. We cannot offer budget solutions. We offer unique furniture, unique art.
We offer something that will make your home exquisite.
If you want to get a unique table, send a request at this page.